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Bus Tour Killing Fields & Prison S21( half day tour) $15/person



Toul Sleng Genocide Museum(S21):

Prison S21, the site is a former " Toul Svay Prey High School" but after 17th April 1975, Pol Pot's holde on the power and transformed in to prison, renamed  Security Offiice 21 or "S21". The classrooms were turned in to the interrogation and torture centre. The Khmer Rouge Regime started on 17th April 1975 and fallen down on 7th Janaury 1979, an estimated about 17,000-20,000 people imprisoned which were 11 people survied.


Cheoung Ek Killing Fields:

Cheoung Ek Killing Fields is a former Chines Cementery. After there was not enough space to buried corpses in S21, when more and more prisoners were executed and parthly in order to avoid the spred of epidimic, may be in the mid of 1976 Cheoung Ek was choosen as a new locotion for execution and a burial site for freshly killed from S21.

Chheoung Ek Killing Fields

Tour Price :

$15 per person included audio tour guides in Killing Fields as your own languages.

Free children under 10 years old (ID required)

Groups Wellcome! (please contact us by email for group rate)

Private tours : bus car for rent ( please contact us by email)

What you can exspect :

Air conditioned tour bus is a best way for visiting Phnom Penh with hot climate. the bus tour will start pick up 30 minutes befor departure time. After all hotel pick ups completed, the tour guide assistant will start indroduce the tour details while the tour bus moving to Genocide Museum( S21) with a soft Cambodian's charactoristic. The audio guides are available in 10 languages at a cost $3 per person, in house guides can be hire in cost $2 per person( min 5 people), or you can visit by your self.The visit time in the museum is about 1hour and 30 mins.


Then the bus will going to the Chheoung Ek Killing Fields. The documentary related to Pol Pot's history will be played on bus to the Killing Fields about 30mins. The assistant tour guide will organized an audio tour in Killing Fields as your own language( free). The visit time is about 1hour and 30 mins( audio tour supported). After Killing Fields, the bus will be back to Phnom Penh and a assistant tour will give you a speacial thanks speech and showing somes attraction places in the city, if you wished stop there, they very happy to help you as well as the interviwing of former prisoners and guard will be played. 

Audio tours in Killing Fields


1. Half day tour bus reach to two historical genocide museums

2. Hotels pick ups/drop off

3. Wifi

4. Pure drinking water

5. Free children under 10 years old ( ID required)

6. English speaking tour assistant

7. Documentary played related to Pol Pot's history on bus

8. Audio tours in Killing Fields ( 15 languages).


1. Entrance fees (S21) $5

- Under 18 years old $3 ( with ID)

2. Audio tour (S21) $3 (optional)

3. Entrance fees Killing Fields $3

4. Personal pays

Daily departure: 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm

Pick up timeBe waiting 30 minute before departure time

Visit time: 1 hour and 30 minutes at each site

Buy ticket: On the bus, travel agent, hotel, hostel, quest house....

Booking: (855) 70 745 284 / 89 663 636 ( We speak English) or

email: citysigtseeing.phnompenh@yahoo.com

whats app: (855) 70 329 336.

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Bus Tour Killing Fields & Prison S21  :

Half day tour, Round trip by Air-Con Bus

-Morning Departure: 8:30 am, 10:30am

-Afternoon Departure : 1:30 pm

  • Visit Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes in each site.
  • Tour Price: $15/preson (Audio in Killing Fields included).
  • Info: Whats App +855 70 329 336
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